Handcrafted wax by jwax

Manufactured by a group of friends in a basement in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.


From the streets to the skate and snow parks, mountains, and oceans. JWAX rides on a daily basis with skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMX and scoot riders, snow and surf addicts, pros, and amateurs worldwide. Whether skating the street spots and parks, shredding the hills, or lining up for the set, we got you. We know what a good slide looks like and we will help you get it. Our waxes are created with love, from riders hitting the spots since 1996 for the riders hitting the spots right now. Happy shredding.

If you are organising any kind of event ping us for sponsorship at [email protected]

hands holding skate wax and waxing different spots and objects such as rails, ledges, curbs, and skateparks in the United States, Europe, and Bulgaria.


JWAX fam brings together all kinds of local talents and international riders, happy to spread the idea worldwide. view team

Hristo Iliev from jwax BMX team grind a kink rail
Kristian Dimitrov from jwax scooter team slides up a rail at a skatepark
Ilia Savosin form jwax rollerblading team doing a fast slide on a big funbox at a skatepark
Iliyan Hriskov from jwax skateboard team doing a grind trick at five high skatepark

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