Hello, and welcome to a brief overview of our history, story, and mission. Enjoy 🤟.

Where It All Began

Picture this: a band of shredders chillin' in a basement in Sofia, Bulgaria, having laughs and suddenly coming up with the idea of a game-changer that lets them own every skate sesh, killing the snow parks, and ruling the waves. That my G’s, is how JWAX was born! We crafted an epic piece of art-shaped wax that has been changing the game for riders everywhere since day one.

Our Vibe and What Drives Us

Dude, we're all about living for those sick tricks moments. The JWAX fam believes in pushing the limits, staying true to our roots, and keeping our passion alive. In a fake world, we stay real.

The secret sauce

The playground right outside our doorstep, perfect for testing and tweakin' our formula for the sickest wax you'll ever find.

Different sports. One wax.

What about our off-the-wall epic mission? See, we're not just about crafting that dope wax but we're about breaking down barriers and merging lanes. Skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMX riders, freestyle scooter guys, snow chasers, and wave riders – we're here to bring all you legends together. To us, it doesn't matter what sport you're into, it's all about the ride. Whether skating the urban jungle, hitting the snowy peaks, or catching the biggest wave, it's the rush, the freedom, and the sheer joy that tie us all together. So, our mission? To unite all riders under one gnarly banner: The love of the ride.

Riding for a Cause

Well, it ain't just for fun and the rad times. Sometimes shit happens. When you shred with JWAX, you're not only leveling up your game – you're helping us kick cancer's butt and change lives, one ride at a time. Now, that's the sickest way to make your mark on this world, don't you think? Together, we'll ride for the cause and fight breast cancer like the badass champs we are.

Shoutouts and High Fives

Mad respect to all the riders worldwide, local heroes, and fellow shredders.. Seriously, we can't thank y’all enough!

The real "about us"

We are a few friends hitting the spots since 1996 who turned out to be wax-makers to pass the passion of street sports to the youngsters hitting the spots right now. Our crew ain't some randoms - we're a tight-knit fam that lives, breathes, and shred big together.

Grab Your Wax

And leave the mark on your playground. JWAX is your ticket to a whole new world of stoke. This is it, peeps - the wax you've been looking for, made by riders for riders. You in? Let's make some magic happen. It's JWAX!