double pack

JWAX surf wax is here with a natural sun tan for a great summer experience. We gave our sexy surfboard wax an updated fresh look and mixed even better NEW formula that will stick you to the board with that extra grip. Biodegradable surf wax for warm water (temperatures between 18˚C/64.5˚F-25.5˚C/78˚F). Ocean friendly and handmade from natural ingredients that preserve the coral reef and sea life in general.

price: 9,89€

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Who is this for?

JWAX fits perfect in the hands of: Surfers and surfboarders. Bodyboarders and Skimboarders.

Anything else?

Completely natural and eco-friendly thus will not impact the environment. Use as much as you want with confidence and clear conscious.

How to use surf wax?

Top up your surfboard with desired amount of JWAX surf wax every time you get on your board until you get that grip. However one quick fix waxing should last at least a couple of sessions depending on the water temperature. On yearly base You should remove the old wax from your surfboard and rub a new surf wax around every 3-4 months. In warm waters this procedure may repeat more often. Just rub on and we will do the rest.

When to use surf wax?

Always when you are surfing. If You notice that you are losing grip even after application of fresh surf wax during a session, probably it’s time to re-wax with a completely fresh wax.

How big it is?

Unlike the most waxes on market, our surf wax is BIG. 190g of finest mixture that will ergonomically fit in your hand and we are proud of it! If this is more than you need here is the single pack surf wax.

Story behind?

A few hours driving from Sofia is the black sea with very hot summers and even hotter people. No way to miss the chance for some sexy shaped surf wax, right? It took us a few years but we finally developed the warm water surf wax in top shape.

Warranty and shipping?

You can return your surf wax even used if you are not happy with the final results. You can find full information in the shipping and return policy. Shipping worldwide.